Thursday, August 24, 2017

***Store Building Fund!***

Sacred Heart Vestments is an apostolate which was founded in 2012 in order to provide liturgical and sacramental necessities to clergy, as a means of supporting the mission work of Sacred Heart Mission in Ruffin, North Carolina.  
In that time, we have provided assistance to multiple parishes in need of vestments and other sacred furnishings; as well as our other work of helping provide food and other necessities to our local animal shelter. 
What we are seeking through this campaign is to obtain a humble structure which will serve 3 purposes here:
1. A shop/ showroom where customers can visit and see our work and be attended to in person.
2.  A workshop and office for our apostolate.
3. An office and sacristy for our mission church.
Donating to this cause will help us continue and expand our apostolate, as well as increasing the number of people we are able to reach out to and help; along with our brothers and sisters in the animal world. :) 
It is our hope and desire that many people will benefit from both our ministry and the work that we do; and we invite people to come and see us, to visit our church and to speak with us. 

you can see more about the items we have for sale and which we would love to display in this small shop here at the apostolate's facebook page-

and you can see more about our Church by visiting our parish facebook page here-

thank you for your kind consideration, and may God bless you all, always!

-Fr. William                   

       If you are interested in contributing to our project, please feel free to visit our gofundme page to make a donation- any amount will help!

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