Monday, September 14, 2015


 Up for sale we have this beautiful traditional, yet simple and elegant; Bishop's crosier, perfect for Bishops and Abbots. Individually crafted from Solid Brass and Wood, each crosier features a staff which disassembles into two sections, joined by brass connections for sturdy construction. The crosier top itself is made of solid brass, and weighs nearly 4 pounds alone. It features a prominent cross with synthetic red stone at its center, for a distinguishing touch. The bottom of the staff is also equipped with a rubber foot; to ensure non-slip usage and grip on smooth floors.
USD $400 + Shipping
Hard Storage Case available for USD $50 extra

Monday, June 22, 2015

***Altar Cards***

 New To Sacred Heart Vestments, these beautiful and traditional Altar Cards come framed and ready to use in the celebration of the Holy Mass. Each one is individually framed, and made from high quality brass; each measuring 14 inches in height. A beautiful addition to any traditional parish!

 USD $815 + Shipping