Tuesday, December 13, 2016

***Travel Mass Kit***

Up for sale we have this gorgeous travel size full mass kit, complete with all the essentials for the celebration of Holy Communion on the go. Each set is crafted from high quality Brass and Glass, highly polished for a brilliant finish; and comes equipped with the following items:
Chalice-3.6" H
Spoon -4" L...

Candle Holders-2" H
Glass Cruets- 4.8"H
Cross 4.4" H
The Case included is made from wood, extremely sturdy and lined in sumptuous blue velvet; and has an extra storage space in the lid for a pocket sized Bible, Missal, or linens.

USD  $250

Thursday, December 8, 2016

***Precious Mitre***

 Up for sale we have this beautiful bishop's mitre, handcrafted from white velvet, edged with gold metallic trim, and ornamented with beautiful gold and jeweled designs. The ornaments themselves are hand embroidered with gold metal wires, and truly shine in the light. Mitre is fully lined in soft white satin, and the tails of the mitre are trimmed in gold brush fringe. Height is 10.5 inches.

Timeless beauty at an affordable price!

USD $250

Thursday, November 24, 2016

***Altar Frontal***

Here we present some images of an altar frontal we were pleased to create for a small mission chapel!

Thanksgiving 2016

Wishing all of our customers and blog patrons a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

- Fr. William

Friday, November 18, 2016

***Byzantine Style Mitre***

Here we present images of a Byzantine Style Mitre our studio produced for an Eastern Rite Customer.  The crown of the mitre features prominent images of Christ and the Apostles.


 Custom order Birettas, Prices starting as low as USD $75!

***Gothic Style Chalic and Paten Set***

This stunning traditional "gothic" style chalice is handcrafted and carefully Nickel Plated; giving it a lasting silver finish, at a fraction of the cost of silver, in addition to being tarnish resistant .  The chalice has a good weight; and features intricate carved details.  Comes complete with scale paten.   Perfect for use in Holy Communion from the smallest chapel to the largest Cathedral!
Base-5.2 D
Capacity- 7.5 oz

USD $250 + Shipping

***Antique Style Holy Family Altar Set***

This gorgeous Antique Style altar set comes complete with 6 matching candlesticks and matching altar Crucifix/ Cross. Meticulously hand crafted from high quality brass and highly polished for a brilliant finish; this set features emblems of the Holy Family (Jesus, Mary, Joseph) at each base.   This Beautiful set can be yours at an affordable price. Perfect for virtually any Parish Church, this set will serve your liturgical needs for many happy years!
Candlesticks measure 20 inches tall
Crucifix measures 30 inches tall

USD $1050 + Shipping

***Baroque Incense Thurible Set***

This beautiful baroque style thurible set is crafted from high quality brass, then nickel plated for a silvery finish that is tarnish resistant. The chain brackets on the base of the censer feature cherubic angels, for a small touch of extra beauty.   Each set comes complete with Thurible, and matching boat with spoon.
Thurible- 9.5" H x 5.5" D
Boat- 5.4" L x 2.7" W x 2.6" H
Spoon- 4.4'' L
Chain- 30'' L

USD $250 + Shipping

***Bishop Crosier***

Up for sale we have this beautiful traditional, yet simple and elegant; Bishop's crosier, perfect for Bishops and Abbots.  Individually crafted from Solid oak, this beautiful crosier is an elegant symbol of the pastoral duty of bishops.   Lightweight enough to be used with ease, yet sturdy enough to last for many years of sacred usage.   Each crosier measures approximately 69 to 70 inches in height.

USD $135 + Shipping

***Episcopal Gloves/ Gauntlets***

Up for sale we have these beautiful Episcopal Gauntlets/ Bishop's Gloves.  Handmade and embroidered in gold, these beautiful gloves are a perfect addition to any traditionalist sacristy.  Available in all liturgical colors!

USD $90 + Shipping

***Coronation Tapestry Mitre***

Up for sale we have this beautiful bishop's mitre, handcrafted from world-renowned CM Almy "Coronation Tapestry" fabric.  Mitre stands approximately 13.5 inches in height, and is fully lined in soft golden satin.  The lappets (tails) are fully lined as well, and ended with burgundy and gold tassels.   
Each Mitre is individually handmade to order, and will require approximately 3 weeks to produce.  For crafting each mitre, I will need your hat size in inches (i.e. 23, 23.5, etc). 
A beautiful Mitre available at a wonderful price!

USD $300 + Shipping